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We were born to dress-up and feel elegant! Bring even more JOY into your next special occasion by stopping in and seeing what's new in our collection. We carry many brands, styles, colors, sizes - and if we don't have the perfect match, we know how to get it. And don't forget to accessorize. We invite you to stop by Joy's to see our full collection.

Daymor Couture, Teri Jon, Ursula of Switzerland, Scapa, Bigio, Soulmates.

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Teri Jon | 67258

From the Fall 2016 Cocktail Dresses Collection, this smart knee length dress is sure to catch the eye.

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Daymor Couture | 350

A midnight blue, elegant evening gown that will make you feel great at your next special occasion.

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Teri Jon | 67034

From the Fall 2016 Gown Collection, this full length masterpiece with contrasting black velvet bodice is a truly stunning look.